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Change your mindset. Change your life.

Work with me on a personal journey to reprogram past trauma so that it starts to work for you rather than against you. Learn how to reframe your mind with proven Neuro Linguistic strategies that enable you to tap into the happiness centres of your brain so that you can remove blockages that are causing you to over extend yourself. 

When you learn to prioritize your goals alongside your peace, you allow space for your wildest dreams to flow. 



You can do it all! But what if I told you that you don't have to. In fact, you're most likely in a survival mode that's getting in the way of your true potential. 


Firstly, let me just give you the credit that you deserve for juggling a million different things at once, THAT IS EMPOWERING! But at what cost...

  • You put in countless hours of work and don't seem to get the results that you want. It's like the more you push, the less you seem to get.
  • No matter what you achieve, you always want MORE.
  • You don't spend as much time with your family/ children as you would like.
  • You don't allow space for rest, fun or healthy relationships to form? 





    How can coaching or mentoring help you? 

    I love the idea of a 'soft girl era'; it embodies the feeling of the feminine - masculine energy balance that is really important for smashing goals but not over extending ourselves. 

    Resting and prioritizing our own needs and self-care is a key element in manifestation. Being able to relax, and feel good, allows space for receiving the blessings and opportunities that we are working so hard for. 

    But I get it, easier said than done, right? 



    It will become as easy and habitual as brushing your teeth before bed.

    The brain is a muscle (of course you already know that) but it is often forgotten that just how you would train glutes at the gym, your brain too requires regular training and conditioning. After years of programming from our caretakers, old friends, teachers and basically any experiences that we have had as a child, our brains have simply learnt how to survive.



    About my coaching style:

    I'm not the coach who is looking to take your money and tell you what you want to hear. While, I will sensitively listen and support you without judgement, there will also be an element of tough love. That doesn't mean that your sensitive experiences and traumas will be dismissed, downplayed or overlooked, absolutely not! 

    I have found that an overly soft approach all the time does not allow the brain to change, it simply continues to allow the client to feel stuck and play the victim or make excuses. And we are not here for excuses, all they do is hold us back. Here is how I differ to other coaches and mentors:
    •  I will not be giving you a load of homework – you are not in school. But I will be giving you tools and techniques for you to use in your day-to-day life.
    •  I will definitely not be checking in on you daily (like other coaches) because nobody has the time for that. But I will always be here if you needed to reach out to message, chat or ask for advice in between sessions.
    • I am not strict with time, so your sessions may go over unless you have a strict time schedule to keep to.  
      I'm a certified and accredited NLP Master Coach, Reiki Master, Astrologer, highly qualified with BAhons + MA degree. I merge a variety of tools based on the client's beliefs, needs, and expectations and I have had exceptional results, so you are in safe hands. 
      If you are serious about change, and want to start re-training neuro patterns in your brain, book your free call below.