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Pink and Green Frosted Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl with Carry Case | 8 inch Perfect Pitch

Pink and Green Frosted Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl with Carry Case | 8 inch Perfect Pitch

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Size: 8 inch

Material:: quartz crystal >99.99%

Frequency: 440Hz or 432Hz

Diameter: <10 inch

Includes: Rubber mallet and rubber O-ring, Carry Case

Hand Made to order, using the highest purity of quartz and tuned to Perfect Pitch 

Please find more info via the drop-down tabs below:

About our bowls

Our quartz crystal singing bowls are constructed with the highest purity of quartz crystal (99.999%) hand-made to your requirements.

Our handmade to order bowls are tuned to perfect pitched (the best tuning quality available), making them suitable for all uses including ceremonial use, professional playing as well as commercial recording.

They are extremely resonant giving them the natural capacity to revitalise, purify, and improve the energy in any room setting.

Each bowl is meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans before being sent to you.

Benefits of Crystal Sound Bowls:

• May Improve energy.
• Can be used to cleanse and charge your crystals, home, aura, and other esoteric items.
• Helps assist with meditation and calming practises.
• May help to ease stress, depression and anxiety.
• May help relieve anger and improve patience.•
• Removes stagnant blockages and rebalances the chakra energy centres.
• Can be used to help adjust your emotional state.
• Helps promote better sleep.

Which note should I choose?

The Notes and Chakras

Note C, Root Chakra Red Basic sex drive, fear and childhood trauma, and where Kundalini energy may lay dormant.

Note D, Sacral, Navel Chakra, Orange, Center for processing and interpreting the emotional world around us.

Note E, Solar Plexus Chakra, Yellow, Point of personal power and the expression of creativity.

Note F, Heart Chakra, Green, Gatekeeper to the higher chakras. This is the point where we take in and send out our love.

Note G, Throat Chakra, Blue, Center for communication, both outwardly with others and inwardly with ourselves.

Note A, Third-Eye Chakra, Indigo, Center for psychic and intuitive abilities.

Note B, Crown Chakra, Violet, Imagination and Higher Self.

The Octaves

Our bowls come in a range of octaves, with the most popular being 440hz or 432hz (4th octave) this is the pitch that the bowls will resonate at. Your bowl will be sent out at 432hz unless it states, or you choose otherwise as this has been proven to be the best frequency for promoting calmness and connecting us to natures energetic field.

Care information

We recomend that you use a dry microfibre or gentle cloth to dust your bowl. Water isn't necessary for cleaning the bowl.

We advise that you keep your bowl covered and out of direct sun light.

Play your bowl with love and allow space for her to sing and chime.

Never over ring your bowl. As you play using your mallet you will feel the sound start to vibrate, when this sound gets intense you will feel a vibration slightly push your mallet away. This is an indication that the bowl needs to be left to for a moment sing, and you should stop playing for a few minutes until the sound stops.

If you continue to circle your mallet around the bowl without stopping, this can cause your bowl to break.

We accept no responsibility for any breaks that happen due to improper maintenance, storage or use.

Shipping + Returns

Please note:

These sound bowls are hand made to order, so please bear this in mind for shipping and processing time.

Each bowl takes around 3–5 days to hand make especially to order, and full sets may take up to 7 days.

You will receive your tracking information via email. Delivery can take between, 5-30 days depending on your location. Custom and any duty fees are the buyer responsibility, there will be a minimum of a 20% sale automatically applied which will cover any fees should any occur.

All bowls are made within 5 - 30 -+ and can be made at perfect pitch upon request for an additional fee.

We have highly skilled craftsmen working fairly and ethically in France, Germany, Spain, Shanghai, U.S, U.K and Indonesia, but we cannot control which location your bowl will be made and shipped from due to the level of expertise required for your specific bowl.

All items are made and handled with care, and you will receive tracking information as soon as it becomes available. If in any rare instance you are unhappy with your order, you can return the item within 14 days of receiving for a full refund. We ensure that you order will be hand made to order, beautiful quality and will be packaged and handled with care.

We hope that you love our products, but if in any rare instance you are unhappy with your order, please contact us for details on returning your item within 14 days of receiving your delivery for a full refund.

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