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1:1 Coaching

Who is your future self? You get to decide today…

Are you ready to start doing things differently in 2023?

Work with me One to One to heal from past trauma that is holding you back, set up healthy daily routines and rituals, or build your online wellness business. The transformation package will be tailored to your needs and can range from between 4-12 weeks.



This coaching course can help if you:

 ● Feel unsatisfied or confused by life. No matter what you achieve, something always feels like it is missing.

● Feel held back by past trauma, causing you to repeat toxic behaviour and relationships.

● Worry that you’ll never actually have a happy, stable relationship or a family.

● Struggle with your career path, or social media.


And want to:

● Step into the best version of yourself. Spiritually align and connect to your highest self for guidance, clarity and purpose.

● Heal inner trauma to feel secure and confident enough to hold strong boundaries.

● Manifest the love and abundance that you desire and learn how to navigate through difficult times easier.

● Set up or build your online wellness business and social media accounts.


 If you're ready to step up and become the best version of your future self, apply now, book your free consultation, grab a coffee and let’s see if you’re a fit for the programme.